STIR/SHAKEN CA Ecosystem Compliance

Certificate SHAKEN Nemerald 326K

Tested At: 05 Apr 24 18:52 UTC
Initial Validity Period: 365 day(s)
Remaining Validity Period: -8 day(s)
Subject: CN=SHAKEN Nemerald 326K, OU=Engineering, O=Nemerald, ST=California, C=US
Issuer: CN=SHAKEN Sansay Intermediate CA US WEST 1, OU=Sansay CA, O=Sansay Corporation, ST=California, C=US

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Code Type Source Details
e_atis_subject_cn_spc error ATIS1000080 Common name shall contain the text string ‘SHAKEN 326K’, but common name is ‘SHAKEN Nemerald 326K’
e_us_cp_subject_sn_shall error US_SHAKEN_CP The DN does not contain a serialNumber attribute.

Generated: 05 Apr 24 19:04 UTC