STIR/SHAKEN CA Ecosystem Compliance

Certificate Metaswitch STI-CA SHAKEN Root

Tested At: 05 Apr 24 19:04 UTC
Initial Validity Period: 7300 day(s)
Remaining Validity Period: 6073 day(s)
Subject: CN=Metaswitch STI-CA SHAKEN Root
Issuer: CN=Metaswitch STI-CA SHAKEN Root

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Code Type Source Details
e_atis_subject_dn_ca error ATIS1000080 Subject DN does not contain a Country (C=) attribute

Not Effective

* Tests use the ATIS-1000080 and Certificate Policy versions release dates to determine if tests are ran. Certificates issued before these dates are not executed as the rules may not have been enforce at the time.

Generated: 05 Apr 24 19:04 UTC